About Us

Michael Ludwig Studio is a contemporary premium brand that ignores the gender binary and focuses on the contrast of masculinity and femininity; these elements fused with Eastern meets African design influences & asymmetry create the base of all our clothing.

At the core of the business is human experience. We want to give our customers clothing that they can wear for a lifetime and for them to style the garments best to suit their mood for the day.

Our aim is to create garments for people no matter their identity/gender expression and to create pieces that people will feel confident, comfortable and unique in without the current retail limitations with specifically designing to a stereotypical gender.

In all our designs we consider how different body types need to be catered for within a size and some designs are created as a true one size fits all no matter the customer’s proportion between their bust, waist hips

Our studio is based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. We follow a zero waste policy whereby patterns are created to have no fabric waste or the fabric off cuts are kept for later developments such as patchwork, accessories, binding, pocket bags, lining, etc. The production process in our studio has a low environmental impact due to several conscious choices like low energy usage machinery. All our working partners and employees (we prefer the term "family") work in a ethical and responsible environment receiving favourable wages as well as benefits to improve quality of daily living.