Our Story

We are a premium contemporary apparel brand that ignores the gender binary and focuses on sustainability & inclusivity.

We focus on high quality garments that are created to last and accompany your style in the most complimentary way possible. Our garments have international standard finishings with lining & binding instead of overlocking as seen in most stores in South Africa such as Woolworths.


Embracing individuality and breaking away from stereotypes, this collection celebrates the importance of self-expression. Discover vibrant colors, abstract prints, and sustainable natural fabrics that illuminate the spirit of summer. Shop now to express your unique style and support size inclusivity in a collection inspired by the luminescence of self.


Inspired by the longing for random acts of affection, this collection celebrates the joy and attitude of a post-COVID world. From coffee shop outings to in-store shopping and lively parties, embrace the renewed sense of love and connection. Our designs reflect non-binary styling and aesthetics, blending feminine and masculine elements with an African and Eastern influence. Shop now and rediscover the beauty of shared adoration in every look.