Self-Sapien showcases the latest collection from Michael Ludwig Studios, a contemporary brand that finds inspiration in the captivating aesthetics of Eastern traditions and the rich tapestry of African fashion. With a deep appreciation for these influences, the collection not only embraces their essence respectfully but also challenges the constraints of binary stereotypes and conventional gender roles. Through this journey, the brand has witnessed a remarkable response from the African consumer, who celebrates the vibrancy of colors, the allure of bold prints, and the power of self-expression.

This extraordinary collection is a tribute to individuality, capturing the luminosity that accompanies the summer season. Bright colors, intricately intertwined with abstract prints, grace the garments that are meticulously crafted from natural fabrics using sustainable printing techniques. The collection goes beyond mere fashion; it strives to inspire self-expression while promoting sustainability through thoughtful elements such as sizing adjustments that further solidify the expression of one's true self.

Self-Sapien represents the embodiment of the brand's vision to push boundaries and create fashion that empowers individuals. It encapsulates the joy of self-discovery and the emancipation that arises from embracing one's true identity. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary collection that seamlessly weaves together artistic expression, cultural influences, and a sustainable approach, all woven into a tapestry that celebrates the beauty of diversity.

AW23 Self Sapien SA FASHION WEEK Runway Michael Ludwig StudioML97 Egg DressML89 Flutter Top & ML91 Flutter SkirtML81 Drawstring Shirt Dress & ML98 Drawstring Midi SkirtML80 Double Drawstring DressML93 Dipped Hem Top & ML94 Printed Culottes ML92 Column DressML87 Drawstring Tunic & ML96 Box Pleat Trouser