Non-binary Collection 2017 (LISOF Fashion Show)

"ZE" - LISOF Graduate Collection

Ze is a captivating collection that explores the concept of contrast through non-binary fashion presentation. Drawing inspiration from both Eastern Japanese elements and Western streetwear fashion, the designs defy conventional gender constructs. The collection masterfully combines streetwear-inspired silhouettes with the opulence of heavily embellished fabrics, showcasing a striking interplay of textures and styles. Upholstery fabric is ingeniously repurposed to mimic intricate embroidery, creating a visually stunning juxtaposition.

In this collection, the harmonious blend of masculine and feminine influences is evident. Masculine fabrics, such as wool blend suiting, lend a formal and refined touch to silhouettes like cargo trousers and pleated skirts. At the same time, the kimono serves as a primary influence, inspiring wrap-over styles, wide-brimmed cuts, and meticulously crafted arm-to-bodice pattern cutting. These elements add an unmistakable Eastern flair to the designs.

Moreover, the collection expertly balances contrasting details and color use. Feminine elements, such as neck ties and eyelet lacing reminiscent of corsets, create a captivating fusion with the masculine aesthetic. Skorts in various silhouettes, including black and white tweed shorts with pleated wool suiting overlays or reverse upholstery fabrication, showcase the designer's innovative approach.

Ze is a testament to the power of fashion in transcending boundaries and redefining traditional notions of style. Through its artful blend of contrasting elements, this collection celebrates the beauty of individuality and self-expression.

Michael Ludwig Studio 2017 non-binary collection runway Michael Ludwig Studio 2017 non-binary collection Look 2 Double Breasted Jacket with High Waist TrouserMichael Ludwig Studio 2017 non-binary collection Look 3 Knit Dress NavyMichael Ludwig Studio 2017 non-binary collection Look 3 Navy Knit Top with Wrap Skirt ShortMichael Ludwig Studio 2017 non-binary collection Look 5 crop top with breastplate and high low skirt Michael Ludwig Studio 2017 non-binary collection Runway Image 3