Red/White Geo Masks (Reversible)
Red/White Geo Masks (Reversible)
Red/White Geo Masks (Reversible)
Red/White Geo Masks (Reversible)
Red/White Geo Masks (Reversible)
Red/White Geo Masks (Reversible)
Red/White Geo Masks (Reversible)

Red/White Geo Masks (Reversible)

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*We have permission from the CIPC to produce and send fabric face masks during the lockdown period. Parcel will be delivered anywhere in SA by Courier Guy during lockdown.

Proceeds from the masks will be used to provide for those who are vulnerable through donations to U-turn & Feed The Nation (through Pick 'n Pay). We will post on our Instagram and Facebook page each week/month to update the public on their/our efforts.

You may also decide to buy masks for U-Turn which we will produce and deliver on your behalf. When you place the order type U-Turn into the shipping address and we will take care of the rest. If your order is for yourself and U-Turn please send us an email so that we know how to split the order.

Please read the following points before purchasing:

  • All masks are unisex
  • All orders are made to order, our production is done in house and under strict rules set out by the government to ensure your mask is produced in the most sanitized and hygienic environment possible.
  • Masks are 3 ply with a layer of spun bond and have an elastic for the ears. This is as per the government's regulations which can be found here:

A cloth mask, if appropriately used, and cleaned, can offer the following protection for everyone:

  • The mask will reduce the transmission of droplets from the source (any person coughing or sneezing)
  • It will reduce inhaling a large number of droplets from others
  • Will reduce exposure in overcrowded areas such as taxis, shops & government buildings
  • Will create awareness around Covid-19

When could a cloth mask be used:

Cloth masks can be used by both the community and non-healthcare workers and where there is no physical contact. This includes:

  • Travel to and from work in public transport
  • When stepping outside the house to go shopping or seeking healthcare
  • In self-isolation when contact with others is necessary (remember distancing)
  • When stopping and talking to members of the public (for example, traffic police)
  • When conducting interviews during house to house visits (for example, Community workers)
  • When cleaning the streets/ disposing of domestic rubbish

How to properly use a cloth mask:

The usage of any type of mask should be accompanied by strictly adhering to safe use guidelines. Wash your hands before applying and after removing a mask, never touch the cloth part, never fiddle with it whilst wearing, refrain from touching your face. Discard disposable masks. Wash cloth masks with warm soapy water and iron when dry.

It is very important that people use a cloth mask properly. If they do not, it might result in them putting themselves at risk of spreading Covid-19. The simple guidelines to use are:

  1. Please wash cloth mask once received from courier
  2. Only use a mask that has been cleaned & ironed
  3. Place the mask with either side facing your nose and mouth and covering both well
  4. Make sure the elastic bands are tight
  5. Make sure it fits well. Move it around to get the best fit. Never touch the cloth part.
  6. Once you have put on the mask, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE again until you take it off
  7. When you take it off carefully, hold it by the elastic and place the mask in a container preserved for washing the cloth mask or in the washing machine.
  8. Wash hands thoroughly and dry before doing anything else

Maintaining the mask:

You must have at least two cloth masks per person so you will be able to wash one and have a clean one ready for use.

  • Wash the mask daily in soap and hot water (tolerated during hand wash). For Machine: Wash @ 30 degree Celsius
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry
  • IRON THE MASK- this is the best means of disinfection!

Wholesale options for companies available @ 50 units minimum. Please email us on