This season's collection is titled "Anonymous Adorations”. We miss the random affection that friends and strangers share in South Africa with a shake of the hand, a pat on the shoulder or a hug hello.

Due to COVID, we stopped sharing these small acts of adoration and as a person, I miss those random moments of love that we all felt from random people in our day and very much looking forward to it again.

Using this concept of a loving post covid world we know people are going out again to coffee shops, shopping more in-stores, and of course, some are attending parties and festivals again so we are creating a collection to celebrate that joy and attitude once more.

As we always do we’ve included the values of our brand by representing non-binary styling and aesthetics in each look as well as contrasting what is considered feminine and masculine design elements with an African & eastern influence

This collection has been featured in TRUE LOVE magazine, The Sunday Time, TWYG Women's Month, Vogue Portugal July issue under & online under the Coven Part 2 story.