Our Story

Michael Ludwig Studio is a contemporary luxury brand focusing on innovative & modular design , experimental silhouettes and inclusive concepts that ignore the binary of gender & sizing. 

At the core of the business is human experience and a more inclusive & responsible way of design. We give our customers experience a personalized service where all garments are cut to measure with the aim to create pieces for people no matter their identity/gender expression and to create pieces that people will feel confident, comfortable and unique in without the current retail limitations in aesthetic, size and gender.

Our studio is based in Cape Town, South Africa where we follow a zero waste policy whereby patterns are cut to have zero to 3% fabric waste in the process of creation. The fabric off cuts that are left are kept for later developments such as patchwork, accessories, binding, pocket bags, lining, etc. The production process in our studio has a low environmental impact due to several conscious choices such as low energy usage machinery, locally sourced fabrics and careful management of all energy sources. All our working partners and employees (we prefer the term "community") work in an ethical and responsible environment receiving favourable wages as well as benefits to improve quality of daily living.

Having collaborated with Cruz Vodka for the last 3 years and receiving extensive local/international media coverage including in SARIE magazine October 2021, Glamour Fashion Online October 2022, True Love Magazine November 2022, Vogue Portugal: Cover 2022 and Sowetan Magazine in 2023.

In 2022 the brand collaborated with Japanese textile companies to create a curated collection of artisanal garments shown in October at the Sakura New York Fashion Show and most recently having traveled to Milan, Italy to present at the A-Propos showroom,  to present it's collection to various Italian buyers and press during Milan Fashion Week in September 2023 with the support of SAFW, Vogue Italia, Modes, La Rinascente, Al Duca D’Aosta - Venezia and Afro Fashion Week Milano.